Japanese meal
2010-10-27 @ 19:34:55
Hello! On that note, I will write about the most popular Japanese dishes. In traditional Japanese cuisine puts a lot of work in preparing the meals, often made of raw ingredients. A daily meal consists of rice, for example, vegetable soup with soy paste (miso), marinades and fish or meat.Known Japanese dish is thin strips of raw fish (sashimi) with green horseradish.In Japan, it is also a popular noodle (soba, udon), which it sometimes instead of rice. Japan's favorite drink is green tea dosage is it after meals and at all social events.
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Japanese homes :)
2010-10-27 @ 19:23:14
Hi! I will now write about Japanese homes. Japanese houses and apartments are very different from each other. In rural areas of Japan, you can still find traditional houses of wood and clay, covered with tiles. Sliding doors and windows are made from paper and wood. The floor of the vestibule, hall and kitchen is wooden. Other rooms are lined with reed mats.
My interests :)
2010-10-27 @ 18:45:15
Hello everyone! Today I'll write about my interests. So I am interested in Japanese culture, language and everything. Japan occupies an area of 377 435 km square. The capital is Tokyo, which is inhabited by eight million inhabitants. System is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The head of state is Emperor Akihito. And soon more of details about Japan.
My pet :)
2010-10-10 @ 19:11:24
Hi! Today I write about my pet. My pet is a cat. His name is Czarek. He is black and white. He is a BIG cat and he has very soft fur. His eyes are gold.
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My family :)
2010-10-10 @ 19:03:36
Hello! I live with my parents and my brother. My younger brother's name is Eryk. He is eight years old. He goes to primary school. He has an orange canary.
About me :)
2010-10-10 @ 18:55:21
Hello everyone! I'm Sara. I'm sixteen years old. I life in Pożnań. I am a high school named Charles Libelta.
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