the first morning.
2011-04-11 @ 00:09:18
Sometimes I imagine, that I'm a naked, bright child on the enormous glade and I listen to the birds singing for the first time on my life. The sound heralds a long way among lies, pain and disappointed hopes, there to be able to return back here. Everything is necessary, be strong and trust. The story begins in the moment..

Hi ;) Of course my advice is simple and banal. But look around - we forget about the simplest things, and remember details - that makes our life difficult and hard to go through.
Nice picture, it reminds me Blake's pictures. There's some mistery in it :)
Yes, you right. I wrote, that is a banal, but don't take that negatively. The most importants things are usually the simplest, right? Too bad, that we're busy working, social life, our desires and needs, but no looking for something more.
This is Blake's picture, good association.

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