Nice Day!!!
2007-07-26 @ 20:05:29
Today is very nice day...sunny and warm!!No rain!!:):):):)yeahh:)

I'm very happy:):):)
Today I was in centre:)I was buy a new belt and clothes:)And a lot off foods...mmm:):):):)

I will be watching some film later, cause my boyfriend was going to work..and I am alone at home now:):):)

Ps.Thank you Isabelitka for your comment:):)You're very nice:)And You have right:)I have a new polish friends on this webside:)You're really helpful and great people!!Thank you very much!!:)


Oh yeah... today was very nice and hot day. I even get sunburnt:-(((
No thanks!! I only said true:-) you can't be boring and alone with us:-)))
[ahh... my small modesty]
we'll be your friends with big pleasure;-)


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