Greetings my Friend
2007-06-01 @ 22:19:04
My name is peter and I want to introduce myself (briefly of course). I`m 26 years old and I really want to imrove my english skills. I know writing give mu such possibility but on the opther hand I know, that more effective would be to talk to somebody. That`s why I`m asking for Skype`s address - if someone wants to make friends with me I can assure I`ll answer to her/him - I prefer women rather then men ;)).
My e-mail address:
Best regards and have a nice day

Hi Peter!! I think it's very good idea to write in English to improve it :)) but you have to be paitient and sticker in do it. I'm on 2nd year of English studies sow I know something about it ;)) Maybe I will write to you sometime, now I have to study very hard because in next week I have exams from Great Britain and USA History ....

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