2010-02-27 @ 16:58:51
-is a breed of gun dog bred primarily for bird hunting
-is typically quite athletic, compact, and solidly built without being heavy
-weight: 15.8-24kg
-country of origin France
-color: Orange and white, liver and white, black and white (not universally accepted), tricolour, orange roan, liver roan, black roan
Entlebucher Mountain Dog
2010-02-27 @ 16:55:07
Entlebucher Mountain Dog:
-is the smallest of the four Sennenhunds, a dog type that includes four regional breeds
-Country of origin: Switzerland
-weight: 20.5-30 kg
-height: 48-50 cm
-is a square, sturdy, medium-sized dog
-has small, triangular ears and rather small brown eyes
Cairn Terrier
2010-02-27 @ 16:51:11
Cairn Terrier
-Weight: 14–18 pounds (6–8 kg)
-Height: 10–13 inches (25–33 cm)
-Coat: Abundant shaggy outer coat, soft downy undercoat
-Litter size: 6-10
-Life span: 12–15 years
-is intelligent, strong, and loyal
Dachshund(Jamnik krótkowłosy)
2010-02-07 @ 19:12:42
-is a short-legged, elongated dog breed, of the hound family
-height: males:25 cm
females:25 cm
-weight: males:7-10 kg
females:7-10 kg
-is popular pet in the United States
-has a loud bark
Finnish Lapphund
2010-02-07 @ 19:07:36
Finnish Lapphund:
-has been used for herding reindeer, but has also gained wide popularity as a companion animal
-is a very intelligent and active breed
-is a naturally healthy breed, and typically lives 12-14 years, although dogs of 16-17 years are not uncommon in Finland
-Country of origin Finland
-is ideal choice for a family with small children
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