Appenzeller Sennenhund
2009-11-28 @ 19:03:53
Appenzeller Sennenhund:
-is very active working dog
-likes regular activity and training
-was used for herding and as a guard dog
-is an alpine region in the northeast of Switzerland.
-height: males:52 - 58 cm
females:50 - 54 cm
-weight: 20 - 30 kg
Cane Corso
2009-11-21 @ 18:16:45
Cane Corso:
-is easy to train
-is good with children
-is a quiet dog
-is distrustful, balanced
-height: males:64 - 68 cm
females:60 - 64 cm
-weight: males:45 - 50 kg
females:40 - 45 kg
2009-11-21 @ 18:07:04
-can be easily provoked to attack
-doesn't always get along with other breeds
-is intelligent, nervous, cheerful
-lives around 15-18 years
-is very very small: 25 cm
The Rough Collie (Owczarek szkocki długowłosy)
2009-11-07 @ 13:06:12
The Rough Collie:
-should show no nervousness or aggressiveness, and are good with children and other animals
-is very loyal and protective to their owners
-need to run and exercise
-height: males: 56 - 61cm
females: 51 - 56cm
-weight: males: 20,5 - 29,5kg
females: 18 do 25kg
The Dalmatian (dalmatyńczyk)
2009-11-07 @ 12:51:42
The Dalmatian:
-Coat White background
-Color White with black or liver-colored spots
-friendly, intelligent, active
-likes children
-weight: 30kg
-height: males: 55 - 61 cm
females: 50 - 58 cm
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