End of the speedway season :):(
2009-10-04 @ 14:29:31
Today a cool day is being heralded. I am going to speedway championships "Szlaka Piastowska", there will be famous speedway riders there morover he appeared there will be a cabaret for the ŁOWCY.B and sang there will be a Pectus team. A day is being heralded full of the laughter and the attraction. However unfortunately it is party finishing the speedway season :(
Great Day:)
2009-10-04 @ 14:21:49
I welcome. Yesterday I had the very cool day I was at the AUDIOFEELS concert at the church in Luboń. The church was full. I of course as the great fan had to stand in the first row. Men played about hour. Men infected with the energy and already in the third work not returning the audience to what place the concert had been held in started dancing remarks. as ever after the finished concert men left to sign autographs. It was a beautiful day.
My hobby:)
2009-10-04 @ 14:15:35
Today I will introduce you to my interests. I will start from speedway like this is called "black sport" Competitors are racing into four persons on speedway motors covering 4 laps. I am rooting for the Poznań PSŻ team of getting to know. Second listening to the team is my hobby Audiofeels, that is of people, which with mouth they are creating the music and they are singing. It is so-called vocalplay team. I adore their crazy character. For interested it is their website: www.audiofeels.pl
2009-10-04 @ 14:14:55
Hi:)it is my first blog.My name is Natalia :)I have 16 years old. I am coming from Poland and I live in Pozan. My favourite sport is speedway, and a favourite team is Audiofeels.
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