Day full of new impressions :)
2009-10-21 @ 16:01:33
Saturday was. I got up about hour 10, since my mum geared up for the wedding and I had to help her. With expectation I waited, until he goes out because I was already fed up with it. With striking hour 12 I felt relieved, because parents left. In a word for the weekend I had the free house. With the sister and for her friend we arranged to meet about 13 in Stale Beer and there we ate our lunch. Then we came after shops and this way minęlo for us a few hours. At hour 17 unite Audiofeels were special guests in the empik. I as the great fan had to there be. Men at first answered a few questions, and then they submitted autographs on the plate to "UNCOVERED". On I conducted interesting discussion with boys. Well in order to here still to tell undoubtedly was it is a day full of new impressions. :)
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