More and more close the holiday
2009-12-16 @ 13:58:47
At last Christmas is approaching. Finally będe could deservedly rest; D okay, okay perhaps at least a bit I will tell it what is happening in speedway world: D so even though Daniel Pytel walked away it still PSŻ composition are being heralded quite promising, so as narazie signed a contract: Adam Skórnicki, Robert Miśkowiak and Norbert Kościuch these are really strong personalities..:) we are waiting for next accurate contracts:) and now something from the life of my AUDIOFEELS beloveds, so I am happy because I drew przyjaciółke for listening to this team and no longer I am a maniac alone; D Men now a bit are singing Christmas carols; D even if on the Poznań marketplace they performed two Christmas carols recently, and now Men will sing 19.12.2009 in the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra on the formal dress of the foundation "Mam Marzenie":) I am inviting cordially:)
Now my and agi favourite songs: Hero;D

And now a few photographs of 8 cookies:)

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