2010-03-21 @ 10:40:12
Last night I went for a party with my friend. I met you. I want be very hard, but you look so nice. I didn't restrain oneself. But I don't regret. This situation looks me that I took good choice.
Today I'm listening over and over one song - Stateless - "Bloodstream". Is remarkable. I feel good. This sounds great, isn't it? I want to do many things for yourself...
Marcin is so good for me. He calls me often, writes sweet massages, worries about me. I'm feeling an interesting woman, when I'm spending time with him. This is important for me, becouse I lost recently all my self - confidence. I have many complexes. Marcin causes that I usually forget about it.
Coldplay "Fix you"
2010-03-13 @ 20:49:09
I try don't think about you. Yesterday you were on my mind. Today I was reading a good book, which I got from Marcin - Dan Brown "Lost symbol". I like Dan's Brown's books, becouse are secret,interesting and ends are suprising, but I missing something about love. So I also read many books polish writer - Janusz Leon Wiśniewski. I think that I should do many things, which could help me get some pleasure. Maybe I try to start jogging with my sister's boyfriend? This is good idea for health. I need Spring, sun and certainty that everything will be allright.
"Please, don't tell me that is over..."
2010-03-12 @ 14:14:04
I told you everything. You were watching at me. I was crying a lot. I remember our last five minutes. I kissed you passionately. You took my face, kissed my forehead. Nobody had kissed my like you before. Nobody. You brought me flowers. You were wearing purple t-shirt, which I bought. I hope that you don't hate me. Today I miss you. Today I'm thinking about you over and over. I'm really scared that wasn't a good decision. There already no us. Please call me today. I will be waiting.
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