How to save a life?
2010-02-27 @ 21:06:30
I was watching today "Grey's anatomy". You know that I love this series. I also didn't take off my pyjamas. My sister called that "depression". Maybe is it, but I felt good. I was only a little tired and bored, that's all. You didn't call me or write some short message. I'm still waiting for this. Could anybody tell my how to sleep with a broken heart?!
Fortunately tommorrow I will be far away.
"Put the fire to the third bar...."
2010-02-25 @ 23:55:23
I was in the cinema with Marcin. He invited me a week ago. I was supprised becouse we don't know each other well. It was nice evening. I forgot about my problems, relaxed and took things easy. Film - "Dear John" disappointed me very much. I thought that is touching love story. Sometimes I was talking and completely forgot that I should watching the movie. But the soundtrack was nice and I want to find some songs.
I hope that you were jealous and you couldn't sleep without me.
Now I'm listening Kate Nash - "The nicest thing". Her accent is incredible!
Time has become my lie...
2010-02-22 @ 20:25:10
You know what you should say. I'm disorientated. I will meet you tomorrow, look at your nice face, touch your blond hair...You used to hold me then and keep very tight... I wouldn't be angry anymore.
First post...
2010-02-21 @ 12:03:44
My first post...
I have many problems with English, but I'm still learning this language and I hope that this website helps me.
I'm really sad and feel so tired with my life. I want change many things, but I can't. Maybe I'm scared, maybe I'm to weak. Maybe...Nevermind.
Susie Suh in my loudspeakers. "All I want" this is really good song. Voice Susie caress my soul...
Today I'm going to the railway station, get on the train...and come back to the big city.
I'm waiting for You, but You don't believe me and my words. I want to tell you so many things. I miss you so much...but this doesn't change anything.
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