Coldplay "Fix you"
2010-03-13 @ 20:49:09
I try don't think about you. Yesterday you were on my mind. Today I was reading a good book, which I got from Marcin - Dan Brown "Lost symbol". I like Dan's Brown's books, becouse are secret,interesting and ends are suprising, but I missing something about love. So I also read many books polish writer - Janusz Leon Wiśniewski. I think that I should do many things, which could help me get some pleasure. Maybe I try to start jogging with my sister's boyfriend? This is good idea for health. I need Spring, sun and certainty that everything will be allright.

This song is cute! I love it!

I also have a problem with boy, I think that we should strong! (Thanks God I'm Woman!)

I also need a Spring!
I hope that the Spring will be very sunny!

Portrayals of marriages in culture's texts-that's my topic.
Yees,I'm convinced when the sun will shining ,everythings will better, for certain! And, mayby it sounds a little cliche, but time is the best remedy. Let listen to : Eva Cassidy- Time is a healer. I also like reading about feelings although Dan Brawn writes very intriguing :)

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