2008-03-16 @ 11:44:32
Yesterday I was with my friend - Mateusz - in Nazieleńce, part of our town. We went there becouse I wanted to take some photos in forest.
When I was taking photos Mateusz said: "Look! It's roe-deer!". I saw very beautiful animal, so I wanted to take its photo, but it started to run away! We was running after its and we saw next four roe-deers. I took only one good photo, but then came about 15 roe-deers. We was watching them, but it was night coming, so we went home. We are going to go there today, but weather isn't so good as yesterday. Anyway, we want to see them again. Wish us good luck!
It's this one and only good photo, which I took (click to see it in full size).

It's gorgeous! It was really marvelous look.
I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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