For Anno Domini
2011-08-29 @ 16:40:51

For one of my previous posts Anno Domini wrote a comment with such sentences: 'I am wondering why you have written that your dreams was without a sense and seems to be senseless. I do not get it ;-( Could you write down what were you thinking about. Ofcourse if is not a secret.'

So now I will try to answer.

I guess it isn't secret, so I'll try to explain but I don't promise that You will understand my thoughts. I have a small disorder in my head. :D So Let imagine that You got an opportunity to ONE, just one no more your dreams will come true. How would your dream sound? Love with the boy you VERY like? - some trivial for me cause I don't want to be a teenager who is looking for love for ever. Not now at this moment I think that love is unneccessary to my life, if it would happen OK, great, but... Second proposition – health for me and my family? Very obvious, moreover I'm healthy in my family also there are no serious illnesses. So what to use the chance preventive? Next, happiness? Sure, but it is too generally. Powerful? no thanks. Money? I sure you know the king name Midas. I don't wanna to repeat his mistake and lose everythink because of stupid dream. Peace on the world. It sounds nice but a bit gullible. Moreover, yeah I would like to live in the world where is no war and everyboady respects others... but it seems so to me that when we hear 'an only dream which you wish will come true' we become a bit egoist. 'Let everyone will fine but the best I'. I don't know whether everyone thinks so but I do. It isn't a reason to glory but so I'm just a human. I could quote more examples, but everytime I reached the same conclusion. Others dream about become a doctor, policeman, famous writer, lawyer, best footballer, boss of a big company etc. But I didn't know what I realy want. I intentionally used the Past simple 'cause now I know:)
I hope that You understood me now.
By the way I felt a little strange when I read the word ‘fan’.:)

And Now enjoy with music.

Take care, see you!
Oh time please slow down!
2011-08-25 @ 19:53:01

From year to year the time passes faster. When we were children we couldn't looking forward the Christmas. And if it was already close the time slowed down. The seconds lasted like the minutes. Ten or maybe fifteen years ago we though that one year is a lot of time, three hundred sixty-five days - then maybe we couldn't count to this place. It seemed to us that one week is much time. When we were at primary school we couldn't expect the weekend. Some hours which we had to spend alone or with an aunt who we didn't like was a horror for us. Once I even couldn't imagine to myself how a human can live seventy or often more years. I though that he had to be bored of his life.

And now?!

One year is like five years from the past. There are the Christmas and pass a while and we again have to waste the money for presents. Seconds doesn't pass like minutes. Sometimes there is absolutly inversely... Minutes passes like seconds, hours like minutes, days like hours weeks like days, months like weeks, years like months... My uncle told me once that them we were older the time speeded much. It isn't an optimistic prospect but it is absolutly true. Why is it so? Of age we find values of life, the sense, own place on the world and the time instead slow down, speed up... Maybe to get on us nerves? :)

Once I have heard that it would be fantastic if we had a magical clock which would really change the time. I mean: if we turned the tips from midnight to six at the morning, We would see instead the moon and stars the sunlight. A boy who said it has seven or maybe eight years old. But was he right? On the one hand, yes 'cause when we something liked, we stop the time and delight the moment. We have a terrible horror in our life we turn to the future and everything is ok. But on the other hand if we had just fantastic moments would we appreciate a happiness? Rather not. A human can't be a lord of everything. And it is good!

And from where these my considerations about the time? Because I have noticed that my holiday has disappeared somewhere. :)
Just the SIX days and school, new school. :) Of course some has yet September for relax. Yeah I'm talking about you - Students. :)

And what song will be joined to today's post? Here you are - Iron Maiden: 'Dance of the death'


Take care!
A falling star
2011-08-18 @ 19:07:45
Good evening

Yesterday in the evening I was strolling outside. I had the head upturned to sky, as it is often occurs lately, and what did I noticed? Through the sky a star was falling. I glimpsed it. I have heard that falling stars was clearly visible a few days ago, I guess at Saturday. Do you knows the custom what should We do when We noticed a falling star? Yeah, in this case We should think our the biggest dream and the dream will come true. And I didn't actually occure any ones... I mean, I throught a dream but after small moment I have considered that The dream is without a sense. I was thinking about my dreams still strolling and what have I find out... That after small reflection every my dream seems to be senseless... I guess I don't realy know what I truly want...It has a bit scared me... I have to think over myself... maybe I will find out something.

And skipping my groaning over myself I think I find a new passion. Oh, maybe not the passion but interest - The sky by night. I could strolling for hours. I have found just few constellations The Big Dipper of course, the Libra, I'm Zodiacal Libra so I was looking for it, and the Hercules - I guess. But I don't giving up, I look for next. :)

I greet!

Oh I have been forgot about music, and my blog without music by posts doesn't look like mine. So today maybe someting Polish language - TSA

The quality leaves much to be desired, but the song have the POWER and the consignment.

Take care!
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