Does the world seek to self-destruction?
2011-07-07 @ 19:01:15

I mean wars. Could somebody explain to me what is a main aim of wars? - The power? The money? Or something similar? Do these values are the most important in our life? It's normal that two opposing armies smash each others to their leader could rule over a larger area and more people? It's normal that some of people would like to have a rule over all the world? Killing by the way everybody who is disagreement with his own vision of the world? Now honestly I mean Mr. Hitler. Yeah, population of people are divided into two groups: humans and subhumans. Let’s kill everyone Jewish, blacks, homosexuals and others 'subhumans'. While II world war were killed about 72 million people, as many as 47 million of civilians. I don't know how much this war has cost, but certainly it wasn't cheap. Curious how many children from third world could a lead normal live if the money spent on the war would gain charities.
‘4000 hungry children leave us per hour from starvation,
while billions spend on bombs, creating death showers.’- System of a down: Boom

And the holy wars? Religion should be a reason for good relations between people and not for conflicts and wars! Does the God, never mind which religion, want deaths of people? I think that the spread of religion should be on peace track, doesn't it? The Islam is considered as the most aggressive religion. Is it true? - I don't know. But as far as I know there is written in the Koran that Muslims should kill disbelievers.
'[47:4] If you encounter (in war) those who disbelieve, you may strike the necks. If you take them as captives you may set them free or ransom them, until the war ends. Had GOD willed, He could have granted you victory, without war. But He thus tests you by one another. As for those who get killed in the cause of GOD, He will never put their sacrifice to waste.' – Koran

And in this neat way I can go to terrorism which also is an endanger for the world. How many good, intelligent, wise, guiltless people have died while, for example the attacks on The World Trade Center towers, on 11 September 2001? - Over 2600! These people could be good fathers, loving mothers, vulnerable children, someone's best friends or brilliant wives or husbands. Too many unnecessary deaths as on one moment. If at all I can tell that any unnatural death is necessary... This raises to me a just one question: How one human can let or contribute to the situation when for other human somebody has prepared such hell on the Earth. Or even do the situation by oneself!

In some places shootings on streets. Nearly everywhere We have to be careful on robbers, who would kill for some money. It is very probably that a dark skinned guy would down-and-out in evening on a street by a group of racists. In some places a pretty girl shouldn't go out if She doesn't want to be raped. Often if we haven't got big amount of money We are nobodies. - People are We still humans or We have become cruel monsters a long time ago?

"Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato(427 - 347 BC)

Fuck the war and violence!

Take care! See you next time.
Something is ending, something else is beginning.
2011-07-02 @ 16:36:24

So the holiday is time to start. I guess that most of You are glad of this fact. But I not at all. Do also for You last school year has passed too fast? That was the ten months but for me it has passed like maximum ten weeks. And do You know what? Recently I have found that these ten months had been the best in my life. - On this day. Surely for some it can seems strange how the time spent in school can be the best in someone's life. believe me - it is possible. On Wednesday two weeks ago I have ended my junior high school. And I am a bit unhappy of it. You know with some of my ex-classmates I spent all ten years in the same class. And now what? - everybody has chose own track of life. And these choices are so different... It makes me sad when I think about it. Sad ... I have said too softly. Closer to the truth will be when I tell that since Monday two weeks ago I have got attacks of tears. The worst was on day of school leaving. I had woke up and long time I couldn't take control myself. Later I tried doing something to forget an a moment but the throught that today’s is the end was still running round my mind. And time in which it was supposed to happen was comming. I started crying already when I few times had heard the word: graduate... And later a presentation and a song which was used as the soundtrack.

Most of us was crying. Next big attack was already at home. My tutor had sent a message to me. She had written that for such moments like today's worth living and that She never forget us. We also never forget her. She is an amazing, wonderful woman. We couldn't dreamt about a better tutor. And I am sure that I never will be have equally loved tutor. It is impossible. Mrs. Aneta we love You and we will love You forever. A second day when I couldn't stop my tears were a Thursday - the next day after end of my school. I was terrible pale all the time even my mother told me that I look like a corpse. Maybe I overdoing nevertheless I don't going to forget about my friends I wanna be in touch with them. I gonna visit my best teachers but it isn't the same... For example with Kinga I used to be ten years in the same class. I guess that with her I had got the best communication. We have the same mind about many issues. Indeed we have different opinion just in two issues: religion - She is an atheist, I am a Christian and for place to living – She love cities, I am an enthusiast of village life. And now her school is in a different city than mine. Our contact will be just through the phones... But I guess it isn't too bad. Important is to keep the contact.
I think that the biggest sorrow has gone. Still the memory and the memories which never pass. Certain when I will be ending I will be feeling the same.
Schoolmates and teachers I will be missing.:)
And at the end an one more song:

I had asked for playing this song on Wednesday after the time when we have obtained the school leaving certificates but school guitarists said thet it is hard to playing and they had less time so they played something different which was also nice.

'...It has passed already, the climate, the leeway, the amazing people never come back...'

Take care everyone! See You!
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