2011-06-19 @ 18:32:36

After reading the comments to my previous post I think that I should write small explanation.
First I'll refer to Ajkiorka's statement. So I guess You're right. You know as sometimes is: We see the splinter in our brother's eye, but We don't notice the log in our own eye. Thanks for pointing out of the mistake. And about homosexualism... Ehm... I also don't want see homosexual couple who exaggerated show off their love on a street. But on the other hand I don't like to see a heterosexual couple in the same situation in public place. I confirm that homosexualism in a some way is unnatural for example because of the anatomy... But as you said 'people can do what they want' so We have to accept it. And adoption by homosexual couples... Ok You're right but I'm sure that some these couples could bring up a child better than some 'normal' couples. But of course the child would have problems such as: ridiculing by schoolmates or something very similar. Adoptions by homosexual couples are very complicated issue. And I have to confess I do not know whose side I would stood.
Second: explanation for berkano's comment. I never said that the stupidity is just in circles to which I don't belong. I know the narrow minded and stupid people are everywhere. Both in amidst 'Metals', 'Fans of pop', 'Christians', 'Atheists', 'Satanists' and what ever. I know it. And small advice on Your problem with Metal fans. Have you tried ask: 'Could You turn down the volume' or something similar. If You have done and it hasn't worked. Try to
render strike back. I guarantee it'll bring effects. I know, by example of myself.

Music, music and music - the large part of my life. :)

It's awesome. isn't it?

Take care!
About a stupidity of some people
2011-06-14 @ 19:34:24

I haven't been here for long time but at length I have found some time to write a note. So today I would like to write some about the tolerance and stereotypes.
Maybe firstly some which is really close to me. Have you noticed that in our /at least in mine/culture, country, surroundings the people who like 'heavy' music are treated in a bit other way. Do these people really think that we feed on cats. Wow cats are my favourite animals. I love cats but I don't know how cats taste! And something else do the people who listen to metal are satanists? The next stereotype. I listen to metal and I'm a christian. Is it strange? No it's normal! indeed some 'Metals' are the satanists but not the all. The metals divided into christians, atheists and satanists. And in my opinion the most of this group are atheists. And maybe people who listening to rock and the others similar kinds is equal to a druggie, and a trollop. People, are you stupid? Do you know that stereotypes result from stupidity! And if you criticize the metal first you listen to this music and a bit think about the text. These texts are really deep and they move really important issues. While pop texts are talking about nothing else addition love. And at the short these texts sound: 'I love you so much, I can't live without you... blah, blah...'
I won't longer write much 'cause I haven't much time. In big shortcut I tell something about different intolerated situation. The homosexualism. Do others should be interested with who somebody are spending nights. I can understand the disgust of some people while they saw two guys kissing on a street or on a pavement. But we can bypass gays and lesbians don't paying attention on they.
There are so many situations while people show off of their stupidity, intolerance and narrow minded.
I sorry if somebody feels offended. But it's my opinion!

And in conclusion, of course SONG! The awful polish band: Acid Drinkers!

Take care!
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