Small consideration...
2011-04-23 @ 18:59:03

Maybe todays post I'll start with a question. The question is: Are you think that UFO exist? Because I do! /Have you ever throught about it?/ Why I think that We are not alone in the universe? 'Cause in my opinion it's impossible that in so big space are just one planet on which exist life. On the planet which is just a small speck compared to rest. Ones somebody said thet it would be wasting of place. Recently I watched a program about UFO, actually about people who claim that they have seen the UFO. And the program has caused that I was considering issue of UFO. Well, Like I have written above: I'm sure that The Earth isn't just one planet on which is life. What do you think about it? I'm right or no?

And what about the God? Does He, in your opinion, exist? In this issue I also think that He exist. I believe in God despite that sometimes it's hard to be a believer. For example: Where is The God while guiltless person is dying or what is harder to understand while a small baby has cancer. Do such situations have sense? I think that yes, but I can't point out the sense... But in my opinion EVERYTHING HAS SOME SENSE. Because if it has no sense in what purpose We are existing here. To survive seventy or eighty years and die and later rot in a ground?

In conjunction with today's date: I wish you everything the best, happy Easter and a rich hare :)

And it couldn't do without a song. So:

Note the solo! It's awesome!

Take care and one more time happy Easter!
After month break!
2011-04-12 @ 18:26:18

I haven't been writing for some time but I came back.
So today is 12th April, tuesday, moreover It's the first day of school-leaving tests. Today was test of humanities. Main topic of the test was patriotism. This test has included many questions of history. I like history so much but I can't remember the dates. Yeah some strange 'cause history seems to be mainly dates. But I know many events of polish history but the dates that I know is not too much. Despite of this my favourite period of history is the second world war. The questions in the test check the information since about 1772 ie The first Polish Partition to 1794 /Kosciuszko Insurrection/. Well, I forgot what was happend in 1794 but now I think that until the end of my life I will remember the date of Kosciuszko Insurrection. Well, we learn from mistakes. Next some 'amusing' mistakes I have done in question which referred to the Polish national anthem. I won't tell you what was the mistake 'cause there isn't any reasons to be proud.
But when I checked the answers in the Net in choice-question I have made just or up two mistakes. It's seems to me that it isn't many. The subject of essay was 'The patriot could be both during the war and in peacetime'. For me it wasn't difficult.
Well tomorrow test in the sciences and Thursday - the english test.
Wow! Whish me luck.

Relax with music:

Bye, Bye! Take care!
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