Spring are you coming?
2011-03-06 @ 19:15:11
Hello! How are you?

So today is Sunday and I'm writing new post according to Chinka's advice. Yeah, I know my recent post was about written month ago. But in spite of this I don't kow what I can tell you.
Maybe to begin with: on Tuesday I'm going to go to a cinema, to see the polish movie named: 'Czarny czwartek'. I think that it's very good film and I hope that I'm not mistaken. We shall see.
What is more I read a series of books about The Witcher. It's polish saga by Andrzej Sapkowski. I recommend! It's very good ones!
What else can I say? Oh , I know probably I choosed the high school. Are you proud of me, because I am! And if I am in topic of my future, could somebody explain me why many people think that my future profession will be teacher? In my opinion being a teacher is the worst occupation which a person can choose as job on whole life.
And finally I have to tell you that so happy because the winter is ending and the spring is coming! I like winter and snow, but now I really miss spring.

Song for today is:

Take care and See You!
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