Sickness and new challenge.
2011-01-23 @ 19:04:34
This title perfectly summarizes recent days.
So week ago I was sick. I recovered but now I'm sick again. I know why, my friend has infected me. I was telling to him: 'don't cough on me'. But It didn't work. :)
Because of my sickness I won't go to school tomorrow. And tomorrow at my school are competition in volleyball. Accurately qualified for the district tournament. ...Well, I won't play.

This comming week is last before winter holiday. I have no plans of ones. I'll stay at home and I'll be reading books, listen to music and watching films ie my normal activities at home, besides early wake.

And after winter holiday, on 14 February, at my school is day during which students teach another ones. I replace english teacher /but not one who teaches me./ I'm planning become very disliked teacher. - It is it 'new challange' about which I said above.

And what more I can say? I was in the cinema at Wednesday. The film was called 'Rhytm this is it' directed by Thomas Grube and Enrique Sanchez Lansch. How to comment this film? It wasn't too bad although I have seen better ones, much better.
'Rhytm this is it' is documentary movie. I guess I don't like such movies. And maybe because of it 'I have seen better films'.

And maybe I'll tell you about book which I read today. Namely 'Sorcerers of the Nightwing' writen by Huntington Geoffrey. Brilliant story. It's first story of 'The Ravenscliff Series' But is small prablem in my library is no second and third piece of the series.
You know this book was one of these which are ending too fast.
I encourage to read this book.

And now I'm relaxing to the music.

Take care and keep warm!
A big problem!
2011-01-02 @ 19:16:13
Good afternoon!
Today I'd like to tell you about my problem associated with choosing high school.
I'm fifteen years old and in this year I'll end middle school. I've got problem cause I don't know to which school I should go. I'm rather a good student so I looking for school with a high standard of teaching. And there is even a one limit. I'd like that this school was in Gniezno. I live in the vicinity of this city and if I'll choose school for example in Poznan I'll have to also live in Poznan. I don't want it. I don't want live in city, I prefer willage. I know weekends I could spend in home, but I too much love my animals to leave them / I know it's may seems stupid/. My friends are talking, that I should go to Poznan. - 'You are too intelligent on Gniezno, You have to go to Poznań.' - They are talking so. I know They're right, at least partially. In Poznan is much higher standard than in Gniezno and I am an ambitious yet.
I haven't been thinking about it. I always was thinking that I have so much time to decide. Yeah about three months - there is so much. Rather not! Time passes very quickly so the best if I decide soon as possible. Mrs. School Psychologist told me that the best way for me is choosing school about Profile farmhouse. But I'm not sure.
Everybody around is talking 'It's very serious decision about your future. We can't help you, You have to decide alone.' - This is very annoying!
Could you help me in any way?

Now I'm relaxing to the sounds of great music. And I'm killing in this way thoughts.

I'm listening this song:

Take care everyone!
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