Probably I should be in school now.
2010-12-20 @ 13:57:35

It's Monday. It's twenty to one p.m. So I should be at school but I'm not.
At the night was snowing and in the morning I was waiting on bus but it didn't come. So I returned to home. I such wanted to go to school i very like my Monday's lessons with the exception of chemistry. On Monday I've: knowledge about society, history, polish, chemistry, english, german and P.E.
Recently I was a bit sick, actually I'm still, I'm just a little runny nose.
Despite my illness I had to went to school on Wednesday, on Thursday and on Friday. Because I had trial exams in school.
On Wednesday- The humanistic exam. I think wasn't difficult. I made two mistakes in the closed questions. The opened questions- I had no big problems also with them.
On Thursday- exam of mathematics and natural sciences. It was worse, but I think that I dealt with this exam. I hope it's true. :)
And on Friday english exam- easy but I won't have full number of points. I made stupid mistakes and I lost approximately four or five points.

It's beautyfull song, isn't it?

Take care!
Today is Friday
2010-12-10 @ 18:56:25
Today is Friday. I hate this part of a week. On Friday a have three maths. I hate this subject. I hate more my teacher's maths. I'm sure that the second part is more true.
Yesterday, I found out that I qualified for the next stage of the competition called "Frog Gold". I was so suprised because of this. Probably Second part of this will be held on 12th March. This is Saturday, I don't like it.
Currently at school I have got a lot of trial before nativity play. I take part in this one.

Now I of course listening to music. Accurately song called "Moist Vagina" by Nirvana

Take care!
Xristmas, everywhere Xristmas....
2010-12-07 @ 21:03:37

Today I'd like to tell you how much upset me advertisement and whole talk about Christmas. I don't like any holidays... I prefer normal days whitout any holidays enriched.
Everybody is talking how much love Xristmas. Everywhere I can see Christmas symbols. Christmas trees and Santa Clauses are on streets and in shops since one month. It's so annoyed. In a shops many people are looking for a presents, but that isn't the most important. Many people forgot what is the most important in this holiday so long ago. It's so sad. Presents and secular symbols shade true value. Who remember now about Jesus, Holy Mass. I think that not a many people. But maybe I'm not right...
And in the end I'd like to tell you that This should be a special time in the year but advertsement about Christmas are release in Mid-November. It's killing whole atmosphere.

It's all!

Take care!
Snow behind a window
2010-12-03 @ 17:34:48
Outside is very, very cold and a lot of snow...
I don't like winter, but maybe when I'll make snowman my mood will be better :)
Because of the snow I wasn't at school yesterday and today. Yesterday the road was impassable and today the cars can pass through but it was too cold and I prefered stay in warm bed than go to school... Yet nothing happen if I will not go to school one time.

Now I listening to music, accurately this song:

Nice listening!

Take care!
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