'One bad apple spoils whole damn bunch'
2012-05-07 @ 18:11:56

Again here after long time being out but this time I'm not going to explain it 'cause it's without any sense. Ok, so stop to talking as senseless as hell...

Title of today's post is the main /in my opinion/ phrase from one of Guns N' Roses' song: 'Bad Apples'.

'One bad apple spoils whole damn bunch' so one rotten fruit destroys others by spreadin' the fuckin' disease and if someone doesn't throw the rotten apple out, all case will be useless and called on a dung.

We can notice the same situation between us: there is a group of nice and pleasent people, to the group joins a 'bad character' and, nor always but often the members of group change themselves. Situations when goodness change badness are also happen but it's seems to me that rarely or maybe it;s just an illusion 'cause informations about situations when goodness looses are more schocking, more spreaded and I easier remember them.

And if the 'bad character' doesn't spoil whole group certainly spoils opinion about the group. Lets imagine: You met some nice guys but one of them isn't much nice, for instance he is a racist and you are dark-skinned, so he offended you. Very likely You wouldn't like to spend time with those guys despite of that four of them are very nice and just one of them is the guy who you don't like.

Or another example: suppose that you always buy shoes from the same company and once you bought shoes and after a week when you wear them, the shoes started to act up 'case they have a manufacturing defect. In your position I'll loose trust for the company and next schose I'd buy from different one. Shoes from the first company always was great and comfortable and just one was bad and the one defected shoes spoil good opinion about the company.

I'm going to ending so let You listen to piece of good music.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Guns N' Roses!

Bad Apples.

Goodbay, take care!

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