The influence.
2011-10-29 @ 18:29:35
Today I wanna to write about a serious problem which refers everyone from us.
I mean the influence from the surroundings on us. We often don't conscious of this fact but our surroundings have a huge influent on us and sometimes even can change us, our views on the world etc.

First, authentic example. Three years ago I met a nice boy. He was intelligent, modest, shy, you could talk with him about everything. But after few months He started to stick with guys who aren't such people what would you give an example to your children. I mean they aren't too polite, intelligent and the cigarettes, alcohol and swearing by using it They were catching up... And after some time with them He has changed very much although He didn't started to smoke but his behavior wasn't so nice like before. It's curious why often bad company has an influence on others but not the good company has an influence on the bad. Or maybe the situations are on the are equally just the first situation are more visible.

One more example: advertisements. Them have a really big influence on us. If it didn't, companies wouldn't spent thousand on the advertising each one product. Absolute brainwashing. Phrases like: 'our milk for babies provide health for your baby' and in general: 'without our milk your baby wouldn't be happy etc' It is very possible that a young mother will buy it because she loves her baby and wants all the best for the baby. Or car adverts which say that this car provide a safeness to you and what is more important to all your family and no other car can provide such safeness and a comfortable driving.

Maybe I a bit exaggerating…

Today I chose such subject of my post because recently I have found out that one of my the biggest drawback is a susceptibility to environmental influences. Always to know someone new causes a change of my viewpoint. I think that the recognize a drawback is the most important think when I want to get rid of the one.

The song for today is: ‘Can I play with madness’ by Iron Maiden.

Take care!


The influence appears everywhere, as Immanuel Kant said, our mind is like empty board and experiences, other people and media create "us". We can't stop this process. But I got your point, sometimes the influence is too big. Too visible. Just simply bad.
I think all we need to do is be aware of this fact and check whether that what's happening can change us for good or for bad.
Maybe you're right about this good people. I have too sleep with this ;) Thank you.
Take care
The most important thing is our surrounding. Answer at questions: who is the person with whom I spend my time every day?
Is the person affects me positively or negatively at me?
If positively you are a lucky, you can learn a lot of that person, you can develop your skills and achieve succeed. If the person negative affects at you run away ! This person can change your life in negative way.
Chosing friends is only depends to us. We can notice their behavior and decide if we want to keep this friendship or relationship.
So person's influence at us mostly depends of our chose.
Advertising affects is more dangerous becouse it influences at us without our permission.

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