Osama bin Laden killed- the end of terrorism or maybe a new start?
2011-05-02 @ 23:12:15
Osama bin Laden has been killed by american soldiers in Pakistan today. America is in euphoria. People in the streets are jumping and shouting. But are they right?
I think that this gladness isn't fully justified because terrorists will be very angry and prepare further attacs- more dangerous and spectacular. I hope I'm wrong but bin Laden's death is not the end of terrorism, is it?
What do you think about this situation? Was it the rigt decision? And what aboout consequences?
I encoruage you to discuss! :)


Thank you for your last comments (especially thanks for Ajkiorka and Lueka) ! :)

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I had mixed feelings when I saw Americans cheering, since humans death shouldn't be the best reason for doing so - whether it is bin Laden or other person. But Americans have their mentality, their patriotism and nobody can't take that happiness away from them. When it comes to terrorism, there will always be another Osama. Arabs are a strange nation and there are a lot of psychos who will kill in the name of their god or for any other reason.
I do not suppose that Bin Laden's death will cease terrorist attacks. What's more I think that his demise is, in some way, a strong reason to continue fighting with Usa and Europe. They won't stop until they revenge his death.
I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.
You're welcome :)
The true is that Osama bin Laden recently was just a symbol for other terrorists and He wasn't a real leader of Al-Kaida for long time but His death is very much deserved.
And for me fears it that he has been killed can cause very dangerous attacks people for who Osama was an idol. They can try to take revange. I also hope that I'm wrong but it's possible. As far as I know after bin laden's death wasn't sharpened attacks and there remains the hope that osama's people won't retaliate.
You're welcome. :D
I don't think it's enough to kill a man -bin Laden, to stop terrorism. Death is not an answer. I also don't think that Obama deserved to get the Nobel prize.
I'm fully against terrorism but I have no idea what people should do to stop it once and for all. So, I'll just be living hear, leading my life, watching news from time to time and getting astonished by some of them. There's nothing more I can do...

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