Money doesn't give happines. Is it true?
2011-04-28 @ 21:06:48
Do you agree with a popular prover that money doesn't give happines? I think that it's not exactly true. Rich people have better lives than the poor. Of course, money aren't the most important thing (more important are family, friends, health etc.) but it's not easy to be happy without money. Nowadays cash has great importance and can makes people happy. If you have a lot of money you could travel, buy the things which you want to have and your dreams could come true.
I don't write it because I'm a materialist but because I don't like the world in which I live- people can't be really happy without money today. It's sad but it's true...
Do you agree or not? Let's discuss :)

And thematic song :)

If you see any mistakes please write in comment ;)

I like what you did about today's post. You've invited people to discuss and I really like discussions. ;)
But I agree with your point of view. I can see no mistakes in your post, but I usually see some in mine and if I want to study English I shouldn't be making them. ;) Yes, taking English and Polish is enough to get to university and study English. In some universities extended English is enough, for example if you get 80% of it, you get to Rzeszowski Univeristy, but you need to take both polish and english extended to get to Jagiellonian University, and you need to score high (about 90% of English and 80% of Polish). You won't get to a good university if you pass only basic. ;)
Would you like to study English as well? ;>
I'm not sure what I'dlike to do after I finish university, first I need to get there, you know? ;D But translator sound nice. :))What are your plans?
za duzo anglika?
polak- what do you mean? :D
Let's imagine a couple who have no money, they also haven't got any house. How They can be really happy? By living on a street and stinking 'cause They don't have the possibility to wash. I can't imagine that they could be really happy.
Money helps you with realise dreams and sometimes It helps you to recover from serious illness. For example when you have to profit private doctors who are expensive... And we have to remember that money can destroy people... or makes that they will alone...
Well, I'm sure that there are some universities that don't require history as far as studying journalism is concerned. I mean, you can for example take extended 'WOS' and the score you get is considered instead of history. But if you're 2 years younger than me, remember that university requirements will change. ;)
And don't resign from your dreams. It's not that you're not good enough at English. Believe me, you're a way better than I was at your age. And as you can see, I still make plenty of mistakes, but I don't give up. Well, I will inform you about my results of Matura exam, and about universities I'm going to apply to, okay? I will let you know if they want me to study English at their university with the score I will get.
Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd like to have your e-mail, so I could write to you a longer letter, with answers to your questions, okay?
Anyway, I can help you with studying English, if you think I am good enough to help anybody. ;) I can talk about English for hours, so, just write me an e-mail and I will answer all the questions you've posed on my blog. Here is my e-mail:

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