Easter is coming :)
2011-04-16 @ 19:08:36
Today was very warm and sunny, I like it! :) And the second good thing is that I've three weeks off from school (retreat, Easter, and after this my older friends will write baccalaureate). I'm so happy! :D It will be great time with no learnig! Only relax, meetings with friends and parties! Yeaa :)

Last week girl from Belarus-Veronika visited me. It was real great time and I was able to improve my english ;)

Song for today:

Happy Easter! :))
Take care!

For me this time is so bad, because I have to prepare to exam, which I have in May.

Anyway, have good time :)

I hope you'll write exams well! :) I will have to write it in 2 years so I've still got time ;p
Yeah! Some have free time, the others have to prepare for the exams and still others - without no changes.
We shall see for 2 years, You will be on worse position, You will study for the Baccalaureate. And I'll still have free time. I'll be laughting while You'll be studing and You'll be upset. :)
Take care! and Happy Easter too! :)
thanks much :). You were right, I hadn't any problems with english test. And what is more, I checked in the Net answers and it came out that I obtain 49 points. "It's splendidly" I heard from my english teacher, but it doesn't change a fact that he seemed to be a bit suprised. And His suprise was nothing in compared to reaction my friends.
Awesome song!
You see, again I as an english teacher. :D
I like this language but link it with the future? I don't know maybe...

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