First, we're human, then races.
2011-04-01 @ 22:23:45
Hello in April! :)
Today I'll write sth about racism ans racists. So... I don't understand people who hate folks with different skin colour. Why they thing that they're better than Negro or Chinaman?? In my opinion it's not important when were you born, what is your eyes or skin colour, what's the shape of your nose etc.
Ok, I understand that somebody don't like people of other race because of the thinking that they will dominate Europe but it's not their fault! They want to progress, live in good conditions. I think that they have got the same right to development as white people!
Are you agree with me or maybe you've got different views? Write in comments ;) And if you see any mistakes- please write me too! :)

Hi, April. ;)
Also, I think that racism does not make sense. In my opinion, people may not like Negro or Chinese, but not the need to show it at every step. And by the way to hurt them. They can go besides the matter, without any clashes. That's why I don't understand this hatred.

I think that any way of hurting other people is really boorish, but making it becaufe someone is different... that only assholes can do.
Take care :)

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