2011-07-18 @ 23:01:06
Hi! That's me again ;) What's new? Hmmm. Currently I'm sad. Why? I don't know. Everything goes wrong. Love, friendship, me. I miss... Probably I need a vacation. Not here. Probably I need go away. Somewhere. Take a rest. Rest of the problems. But I'm afraid. I'm afraid that when I get back will be even worse. What should I do?

Song for today:


Little P.
Wrrr. I don't like this video. Really...
The song is nice. Little P. why You don't like it? At all HappySad is a pleasant band. "Made in china" - is awesome.

I connecting myself with You in sadness. Since some time I'm also a bit depressed. Yeah... 'Love, friendship - I miss' I know it too well...
Take a rest of the problems- is it possible? My problems follow me where I am. :)

Yeah maybe You need a vacation and changing a place. If you think so you shouldn't think about that what will happen when you come back. You cannot know it what will happen after your return! The trip can help You but it can harm too. Despite of this I advise You- leave somewhere, cut off yourself from everything.

I greet!
I understand You so well. This vacation makes me feel more tired than the school year. Maybe we need some change...? Met new people, make something crazy... but how? When?
Everything goes the wrong way.
I wish you a smile :)

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