2011-07-11 @ 12:05:54
Hi. I'm new user here so I think I can do a lot of mistakes... What can I say? I'm Pauline and... and I don't like talking about myself xD I don't know what will be this blog, yet. But I think that I write a lot about what is going on with me, what movies I like. Or books! And or music, of course xD Reffering to the movies - on first sight can be seen - I very like movie "Teen Wolf" <3 For what I like this movie? Maybe for the Derek character, maybe for werewolves and maybe for the something completely different. Important that it looks pretty cool. Although it also has own drawbacks. Eg. love story, too many high school theme - during the holidays isn't cool xD But it generally goes well.
And what about me? I'm currently sick - I have a flu. I should don't walk in the rain.I feel awful. I finish this post and I go to the bed - read a book (Fight club) or sleep. I would like to sleep. Annoy me is that I can't be with my boyfriend today! I wanted to check with him which school did he get. I wanted to be with him today. Ana by this stupid flu I can just keep my fingers crossed ;(
Little P.

And... I almost forgot! I show you my favorite AMV with Derek ^^


Who also like Teen Wolf? ;p Which character most? ;p

Welcome here!
Hm... I have to admit that I always prefered vampires than werewolves. And I have never seen the movie which You are talking about so I of course can't chose my favourite character. :) Nevertheless I wish You speedy recovery.
And I also whish you a wanderful holiday.
Take care!

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