Hay :]
2008-04-03 @ 16:31:34
I am Lena and will be it keep blog.Not have I in school english, so, I am not very good.But I help dictionary :D:D.It important that you understand me.There will be diary my and about I.O.K.I date from poland and I live in small village.I like english but I will have him in 1 class of high school only but I am in 6 class rally year else. Hmmm.... I begin it about my today (the present). I was in school on 8 early < morning >. Then, < sweat > there was boring a bit because girls have gone from class on recording from television all almost < law (as of right) >. So, I become (stay) with (from) only Marta because they have gone except it only that like most.I do not know that further write but as yet, I made curious nothing as I rally natchnie. O.K. Bye bye http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2007/gallery/avril_lavigne/avril_lavigne.jpg

hummm...I really didn't understand much of that, you should really learn some more, before you start posting your stuf.A dictionary won't help that much if you don't know proper grammar.:P XD :*
I also don't undarstand you. But I'm surre that thanks to this page your english will be better:) You'll see. But you have to write and read often:) I wish you the best. Kisses

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