Girl on the move
Hello there. Im .. yeah that it : the girl on the move. My nick name is that coz im on the move always for like a month we are in one city and then we just move to another city .. why ?? Oh coz my mum always looking for some guy to be with her ... she is waiting for a 'perfect man' to come and then when he is not showing off likein 2 weeks mum date with soem freak who is not even to mop her floors but she is deprest then he dumbes her and she is raedy for new adventure-that my mum word for run away. I've been to like million schools.Somone soemday ask me do i miss my friends: NO i im used to NOT GET attached to people so much i dont let them go into me coz i know that in 1 month probablly we are goinig to leave.Besides there are friends everyehere.Now we are in USA but who knows for how long

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