U la la What a shame!!
2008-06-18 @ 01:49:52
Anybody remember me? I suppose not. I was here a long long time ago .....

And of course I reminded about you at 1.30 at night. The best time. For sure I`m too tired to write anything what would have a sense !

Good message! I finished my master`s thesis :)))
I gave it yesterday and I`ll have exam 30 of June. AT LAST!!!

Another good message! At friday is end of school year. Firstly I`ll be working from 9 to 13 am. Sekondly I`m finished working in group in Movement Light-Life (it`s tiredness of matter ;). And thirdly I`m going to go to Swarzewo by Baltic See at 1 of July :))) - unfortunately with children but if you don`t have what you like you like what you have ;)))

Good Night!
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