november is finished...
2007-11-30 @ 11:53:38

When I wrote about my nightmare that is my master`s thesis I had a plan to finish it to half of november. Today I know it was only wishful thinking :( I`m still at page 81.
I have no time
I have no power
I don`t feel like doing this
My incapacity is crushing me...

Are they good fortune-telling for sant Andrew`s day?
moviegoer ;)) - continuation
2007-11-21 @ 11:17:49
"Korowod" continuation...

Of course movie without love story is lost movie ;)
Bartek`s relationship is disintegrating. Kasia, his girlfriend, feels that but she still hope everything will be good. They`re going to go to Majorca Island.

However Bartek during his investigation in Bieszczady is meeting interesting girl. She is sister of Bartek`s friend from studies. Ula is different than his girlfriend, she is demanding from the beginning their acquaintance and she don`t want stop him at all cost.
Meeting with ex-informer and Ula, girl with principles, changes Bartek`s life. He makes oneself aware of evil of his behaviour.

What does join dentist of Kasia and misterious profesor?
Who is victim of profesor`s denuntiations?
What will happen in Majorca?
Whom is secret admirer of Kasia?
And question for everyone is possible to lean true love on lie?

Simply watch that!
I recommend!
moviegoer ;))
2007-11-20 @ 13:03:59
At Saturday I gone to the cinema for polish movie by Jerzy Stuhr 'Korowod'. I think it`s quite interesting pictures.

Director was telling story about present Poland. The plot is going on simultaneously in a few threads which are joined by main character: Bartek.
He`s a young man studying and working for tabloid as photoreporter. Bartek isn`t honest and hasn`t principles. The most important are money. He`s deceiving his university his employer and his girlfriend.

One day, scenting some mistery, he`s following man which disappeared from train compartment. They gone to Bieszczady mountains where misterious man had booked some hut. When they was talking it turned out that the man was profesor at the university and he had wife and daughter. But he had to leave them and whole his life because of his past. He had feigned his death so that he didn`t want confess he had been lying his family all life...
to be continued... ;)
a long, long time ago...
2007-11-14 @ 23:37:04
I was here a really long time ago. I`ve almost forgotten about you, but for luck I`ve remembered and I am :))
Today I`m trying to answer to all e-mails, GG messages and another thinks like that. It busy me for few hours, unfortunately. It`s not good because of my another activities. I should end my master`s thesis and works for my present studies. I`m really behind with them.

My guitar, about which I had written last time, was not found. I lost it and a lot of my songbooks :((

Today my mom, like almost every day, reproached me that I`m still writing my thesis and she must be nervous about it. I don`t understand her, why it irritates her more than me. This is a question ;)

At work I had meetings with youth preparing to confirmation. For me it`s interesting because they are "only" ten years younger than me and they have completely different view of world around us. Something else is important for them and they have other problems. Or maybe problems and needs are the same but they looking for answers in different way. Television, internet and other media give so many solutions that it`s easy to lost good way or never find it.
The world change faster and faster. What will it be in 50 years like?
I have many friends older than me 10 or even 20 years and it seems to me I can understand with them easier.
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