unhappy beginning of the week :((
2007-10-29 @ 20:09:24
I have had really wonderful weekend. I was in Kraków, I had interesting lectures and I met my friends. I even stayed there for night at my friend`s flat. At Sunday I was in Ethnographic Museum too. I simply love this city :)))

Everything would have been good if I hadn`t lost my guitar :(((. I left it in train yesterday. It`s horrble. Why are people so unhonest? I can`t imagine that I take some thing which doesn`t belong to me. So I`m unhappy because of it.

But I must say damage and become reconciled with this situation ...

Have a good week !
motivation - below zero :O
2007-10-25 @ 11:12:20
I`m frustrated.
I wrote only half a page of my thesis yesterday. It`s simply disaster and defeat !!!
I really haven`t motivation to reading this and everything is distract me. I have many better activities exactly at the moment when I should write. For example I`m writing my english blog ;))

Oh my! If I don`t write it to mid-November I`ll never write it, I`m afraid :(

OK, Maybe after this complaining I`ll pull oneself together!!!

new day...
2007-10-24 @ 09:00:23
hello this fresh morning ;)
It`s really fresh because everywhere is a lot of water and you can have some freshing cold fits ;)))
But I`ll try no mind it. Probably it`ll be very hard, I`m sleepy and bed is my dream ;)

Keep yours fingers crossed for me I hope I`ll write few pages of my master`s thesis.

I love swimming pool :)
2007-10-23 @ 23:53:55
Today I have gone for a swim and to sauna. Now I`m relax how I wasn`t a long time.
I`m going to go a swimming twice a week I hope it will manage.
Winter is coming so I must move if I don`t want to gather more fat ;)
Fortunately swimming it`s my favourite sport :)

OK - it`s enough, I`ve written this few word for a very long time, uffff
I`m going to sleep now, good night, sleep well!!!

Hi everyone
2007-10-22 @ 23:43:03
It`s my first post so it`s not very ambitious ;)
I just say hello to you!!!

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