moviegoer ;)) - continuation
2007-11-21 @ 11:17:49
"Korowod" continuation...

Of course movie without love story is lost movie ;)
Bartek`s relationship is disintegrating. Kasia, his girlfriend, feels that but she still hope everything will be good. They`re going to go to Majorca Island.

However Bartek during his investigation in Bieszczady is meeting interesting girl. She is sister of Bartek`s friend from studies. Ula is different than his girlfriend, she is demanding from the beginning their acquaintance and she don`t want stop him at all cost.
Meeting with ex-informer and Ula, girl with principles, changes Bartek`s life. He makes oneself aware of evil of his behaviour.

What does join dentist of Kasia and misterious profesor?
Who is victim of profesor`s denuntiations?
What will happen in Majorca?
Whom is secret admirer of Kasia?
And question for everyone is possible to lean true love on lie?

Simply watch that!
I recommend!

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