unhappy beginning of the week :((
2007-10-29 @ 20:09:24
I have had really wonderful weekend. I was in Kraków, I had interesting lectures and I met my friends. I even stayed there for night at my friend`s flat. At Sunday I was in Ethnographic Museum too. I simply love this city :)))

Everything would have been good if I hadn`t lost my guitar :(((. I left it in train yesterday. It`s horrble. Why are people so unhonest? I can`t imagine that I take some thing which doesn`t belong to me. So I`m unhappy because of it.

But I must say damage and become reconciled with this situation ...

Have a good week !

Oh, Im very sorry it happened to you. Its truly awful I mean people's behaviour. I can imagine how you are feeling now:(In my case if I lost sth I feel very very sad, misearble, a little depressed especially if it was my favourite thing, my heart bleats and my eyes too. I cry for my losting thing. I cant to agree with it.Sometimes Im very angry with it.
I know youre unhappy, the guitar was surly pleasant and you was clos wiht it if I can say lake that.
Ending I want to tell you Im with you:)
Dont worry!Every must be ok!Chear up!
Maybe you will buy a prettier one, just try to find sth good sides in this bad situation.Mayb this is a solving of your problem.
I wish you the best!
Lots of kisses
see you

I invite you to my blog. As I see you are really good in English so I'm sorry for my mistakes. I'm not good, I have already practised. I hope that you forgive me :)
Kisses :*
P.S. You have wonderful blog!

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