2008-07-08 @ 22:23:24
She (my classmate) sent me sms-a today. She was in Berlin and she can't talk with me. Now It doesn't matter. bye
happy or unhappy?
2008-07-08 @ 17:41:44
Hmm... Still I don't know what's going on with my classmate. I'll be wait...

On Sunday I finished watch ''itazura na kiss'' (TV series not anime). The end was very romantic and I was crying and crying... I couldn't stop :)


Did you read some book Jane Austen? I like her very very much... She is my favourite writer :) She wrote the books with a happy ending because she never got married :( Her story is unhappy and we can watch it in movie ''Becoming Jane''.

Recommend ''Pride and Prejudice'' - my favourite romantic movie and book :)

I'm angry
2008-07-05 @ 15:23:04
I'm so much angry for my school friend. I talked with her 20.06 and we decided that when she'll come back to Warsaw she'll call to me. I'm angry because she didn't call to me although she's in Warsaw since 4 days! And I call to her every day and she doesn't answer the telephone! I don't know what's going on?!

I want to tell her something but it's impossible! :(
Came Back
2008-07-04 @ 15:24:10
I came back :) I miss for my friend. We spent together only 3 hours :(

But... I'll go to my mather and I'll spend there 2 weeks and then B. will go to me for a week and I'll go to her for a week too. So we'll spend together 2 weeks :)

Sometimes I think: Can you understend me? I have second thoughts :P
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