My best friend is waiting for me :P
2008-06-30 @ 23:18:58
I'm so happy :) On Wednesday I'll go to my best friend - B. :) I didn't see her from last holioday because she lives very far than me (approximately 230km):( We only can see each other in vacation. But now It doesn't matter. I'm happy so I don't want to think about anythink bad :)

You know... We are friens for 10 years :) But we know each other hmm... I don't remember :P I think ... for 12-13 years :D When I was 3-4 I musted (?musted?) to move from B.P to G and we met each other beacuse our parents know each other.
But when I was 12 and I left my parents I must to move from G. to W. and we can't see each other every day :(

O God. I don't know what I wrote here. I hope you understand but I don't think so :P
2008-06-28 @ 17:23:48
I was sad so I decided that I should watch anime. I like anime and when I watch it I forget about my past and everything what happened. I choose ''Itazura na kiss'' because I like anime about school, love, teenagers and their live. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm 16 and romantic girl? :)

This anime is about girl in high school who is in love with someone guy. But he hates stupid girls (he told her this). Why she is stupid? Because she's in ''f'' class - worst. He's in a class ''a'' - the best. Hmm... He's the best in their school.

I love this anime. I watched 11 episodes and I'm waiting for next episodes.

One episode = one week. It's terrible. I'm impatient :)
2008-06-24 @ 11:31:10
Now I should be in music school. But I didn't go. I'm so sad :/ I couldn't go because... whatever.
2008-06-23 @ 18:52:32
Tomorrow I have exam in music school. It's terrible and I'm afraid. God! Today I was in test with my accompanist. My first and last test. Awesome! I don't know what should I do. I can't singing most important song because one test is too little. Impossible!

I want to cry and scream... !

I think I shouldn't go there. God. I don't know what to do :(
2008-06-20 @ 17:39:04
I feel so sad and lonely. I don't know why. I want to come back to school. I hate ''class test'' and etc. But I am in home and I don't know what to do with myself. Sometimes I go somewhere but I come back here and I feel lonely again.

2008-06-19 @ 13:33:18
God! Tomorrow I'll sing in chorus in front of almost everybody from school . Not alone but with other people from the chorus. But in chorus are eight people. I'm only one soprano. I didn't want to sing alone so my classmate (she's alto) will be sing with me.

On Tuesday I'll have exam in music school. I hope that everything will be ok but really I don't think so. In other school I failed an exam.
I always have a big stage fear. Woah.

Hmm... That's it what I want to write today. Probably.

I'm a pessimist. I know. Sorry.

PS: Thanks everybody for comments ^^
My dream
2008-06-18 @ 22:47:18
I want to be a singer. It's my dream. When I was child I dream that I stand on stage and I sing my own songs. I write songs. They aren't perfect but they're mine. Only mine. I don't want sing songs other person but only mine. In my songs are my feeling, my heart, my life and my tears.


That's it.

Bye :*
The End
2008-06-16 @ 17:17:02
At last school is over :)

Almost :)

I wanted to go to my school because I think I will be happy. But now I want to come back to my earlier school. I don't know why. Just like that.

Sometimes I think I don't like this school because my Mathematics teacher is weird. She can't teach me anything. I like Maths and I had 5 for first semester and now I have 4. But It doesn't matter. In my earlier school I had 5 and I was happy because I knew that I understand this subject. In this school I had 5 and now I have 4 but I don't understand anything ;/ It's terrible because it is my favourite subject and I want to be good.

Ech... I hope you understand. Whatever.

PS: Thanks everybody for comments.
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