2008-10-30 @ 20:48:26
Long time no see ;)

I'm mailing with some nice japanese guy :) He's really cute... When I'm writing to him I'm myself and I don't hide anything. It's really nice when you can open yourself and talk about everything:)

In school... wow. In school is really bad. I don't care about anything! And my job - I've had enough... Now, I'm volunteer too but I want to start voluntary organization in our school too...

Maybe it's just too much for me... I'm going to school, I'm coming back, I'm sleeping or I'm studying... And then I'm going to school etc. I have 2 hours of singing too.
On Suturday and on Sunday I'm going to work or to voluntary organization and then is Monday and school again...

Maybe I'm just complain too much... I should know that other people have more important problems than me.
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