Hi :)
2009-03-25 @ 19:20:27
Have you ever been on ''high school exchange" or "high school voluntary abroad"?

I wanna go but I don't know how :( It's really difficult...
I want to go to Japan, China or Korea for one year ^^ or even for 2 months! :D

I have a girl from Mexico and she come to my class for one year. She's nice.

I think I'd be missing Poland, my family and friends but I'd like to do something exciting in my life... It'd be good experience, right?

If I have 25 000 zl I'll go but I don't have... I think it's a little too much, isn't it? Maybe when I win at lotto... :D

PS: Have you ever worked abroad?

I also would win some money in lottery.My big dream is go to Canada.In my mind going abroad is not only a good way to improve language,but also for having a rest of school and this reeality.

I'd like to go to Italy, it's my dream :) I think a journey to China or Korea it's also a good idea And I wish you... will win in a lotto :D

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