Terrarium 2
2010-12-15 @ 22:40:08
This week i didn't have enough time beacouse i had a lot of exams. But today i did another stage of work. So firstly I drilled vents and openings for light holders. Secondly I screwed on ceiling and the front cap dipped. Tommorow I want to taped and sealed with glue everything. It's some new fotos.

building a terrarium
2010-12-08 @ 22:25:34
Now I will write a whole series of posts about building a terrarium with OSB. my terrarium will have 88 cm length, 55 cm height and 50 cm depth.
For this terrarium i bought OSB size 2500x1250 mm and 18mm thickness.I took the OSB to a carpenter and he cut me it to the dimensions.
First day of pre-drilled holes and turned OSB.
Here are some photos:


Caring for the animals.
2010-12-01 @ 20:52:37
I. Feeding.
Insects like sticks or leaves like usually eating leaves of blackberries or raspberries. Some of them like eating only green oak leaves. So you must give it them all the twings or leaves only.
You need to exchange the leaves every two days because they can not be withered.
II.Maintain humidity.
This insects live in rainforests so it must have high humidity in your terarium. To achieve this you need two times a day spray terrarium by sprayer.
Cleaning terrarium next time
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