Liśćiec dwuoki :P
2010-10-06 @ 18:33:36
Today i want to write something about insect what called Liściec dwuoki (Phyllium bioculatum).
In natural environment this animal lives in Sri Lanca, Jawa and Malezja. It's herbivores. Especialy, it like leafs of blackberries and oak.
It isn't venomous like snake or dangerous like tiger but it able to defend himself before eating. It looks like mimezja's leaf.This animal is so similar to a leaf that is not even imitate veins bulge what leafs have. In the adult stage what is called "imago" liściec is 8 to 9 cm long. Reproduced by depositing eggs (
sexually or partogeneticaly )
Photo of female Phyllium bioculatum.
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