2008-02-06 @ 22:08:41
I don´t know why you (isabelitka) cannot see this photo. When I add it to my note it was there and I could see it, but now I cannot see it too, hehe. Sorry but I don´t know why, really :)

Today I was on a shoping with my sister and aunt. I bought some beautiful clothes for me and my siblings who are in Poland. I like this place (I mean Munich) there are so many magnificent shops in here. Unfortunately in my city there are not so fantastic... :( That´s why I´m going to the shoping tomorrow too, but only with my sister, because my aunt is going to the job.

Now I´m reading a book ( POTOP) it´s very interesting, hehe, but too long for me. I am ending the third part ( and, fortunately, the last part :))

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