at the end of week
2008-02-28 @ 19:10:43
This week was very calm and I wasn't learning too much, but I got a few good marks :) Tomorrow I have only two lessoms so I think that I'll go on ice-creams with my classmates :) Is it too early for ice-creams? I don't thinks so. If tomorrow will be beautiful weather I'll go on ice-creams with them :)

What else?

I had a test from English. It was the test with twelve tenses, heh. I got 5. I know that I don't use it good, but I try and that's the most important. To day I wrote one more test from English and I fall it, I know. It was very difficult, not grammar, but vocabulary! I'm cross with myself, why? Because I could write it better or try to learn it! Oh, I'm so angry.

I try to learn from German, but it is not as easy as I thought. Sometimes I feel that I waste my time for it, but when I think about my holiday I say: You're gonna do this! And I try more...

I wrote very long letter to my aunt which lives in Germany. I don't think that she want to read it, hehe. It was too long...

So, it's all for now, bye!!!
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