hard saturday
2008-02-24 @ 11:45:01
I have problem with my sister. She's 18 and she think that she can do everything what she want. But...she does things which are really terrible! And yesterday...she did one of these things. I don't know what I should do. I have never thought that she would be so silly and I let her go to "party". Oh my God, I really don't know. help me! What I should do? What I should tell her?
We used to understand ourself, but now she don't want to listen to me. She don't realise how wrong is her behaviour...

I don't know what to write... I try to help her but if she don't want any help, who will help her?
I hope that she'll understand that she was wrong and I'll help her then.

It's all..., always problems...

...but I'll never give up!

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