2008-02-19 @ 17:53:54
I don't know why you have so bad attitude to learning German. I used to think that this is very boring language, but now, after my winterbreak, I changed my opinion. And you know why? Because while I was learning it in school I thought that it's useless. But now I know that is not true. I was so sad while other people were talking together in German. I couldn't say anything! I decided that I'll be learning this language. In this way I'll speak two foreign languages, not fluently, but I'll understand Germans :) I'm going to fly to Germany two more times in this year so I have a reason :)


heh I like German, but I think that it is more difficult than English:)
I study franch...This is rally difficult language but I think beautiful:) Unhappy I have stupid teacher:(
Thanks. You're very kind to me but maybe no so smart. I'm just observing what's "allaround";) and try to take from it somethinbg for myself. Everyone does that :)

I think German is a cool language. I don't understand people who hate it either(especially because that's a mass feeling about it). In my opinion it has a lot to do with our history, battles between us etc. We are used to not liking the nation so we don't like their language either. At least thats in my view :)

Good luck with your German! ;)
Travelling abroad is a great oportunity.
Oh, really?
It would be nice, because I really want to improve my speech.

Thanks :)

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