next defeat at school
2010-05-05 @ 17:26:57
Ok, I had one English lesson today. My teacher gave us lists of words (wordlists???) regarding tourism and holiday. You probably think it was easy subject but not for me. I have problems with writing in polish and bigger problems with English. We have to describe our the worst/the best holiday. We could use our imagination. I hate this sentence - 'use your imagination' !!!

rest of blog post in a moment - I must close the Internet now

You've written about Your math interest in other post. Probably You are left-brainer so 'use your imagination' ('use your right cerebral hemisphere') could sound terryfing... I think I use both of them but I get this only because of practice. Try to be creative every day:)

Please visit my blog, it'll be nice to make a small community of english-practice blogers:

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