2010-12-23 @ 22:26:45
And it's the last post before christmas. I'm so happy because tomorrowe air christmas and next few days I have free from school. Nd I can't wai to celebrate New Year's Eve with my friends. For today That's everything. See you.
2010-12-15 @ 17:30:45
And it is next day when I have to write something here. Today is a really good day, because I got a lot of good marks. Today I have to do a lot of things. At firstI have to do homework fir I.T. lesson. Then I must learn English vocabulary for tomorrow's test. I hope that I'll write it as good as before. See you next time...;)
2010-12-08 @ 17:33:14
Yesterday was a teally good day. FC Barcelona won the match and of course they played great. Today I've got a free day, because I've done almost all homeworh so I can spend my time on computer. Tomorrow I'll have a I.T> test so I hope taht I will do it excellent. See you next time;)
2010-12-01 @ 20:17:59
this next time when I have to write something again. Today is a really hard day, cause I have to do a lot of things. Tomorrow I have a Polish test and now I'm ending homework from I.T. lesson. and today is playing Lech so I have to do everything before and I can relax in front of TV. See you next time.
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