2010-11-24 @ 18:16:41
And It's the next week that I have to learn and do a lot of homeworks;/ And tomorrow I'll have an IT lesson and now I have to start to do it. Today is a good day because this is the only day that I can rest a little bit. I'm not writing a lot cause I have to do a lot. See you next time;)
long time
2010-11-18 @ 06:51:51
Hi sorry for not writing for a long time. I had a lot of homework to id and a lot to learn so I don't have time to write here. But I'm back. This week is so hard because we have on Friday a Chemist's test. So see you to next post because I have to go.
2010-11-03 @ 13:31:56
So today is the day that I have to write something here. What can I say?? Today I'm going to see basketball match. Then I'll meet with my friends. And the worst thing for today I'll have to do homework from I.T. Now I have to go shopping so see ypu on the next post.
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