2010-10-27 @ 18:11:19
today was really awful day at school. Our class had a history test. I don't think it was easy cause I didn't do everything ;/. We had a really boring German's lesson. I thought that I will fall asleep. But this s the afternoon and we have think positive. No about taomoorow but about things we can do today. ;)
2010-10-21 @ 08:17:02
Today can my a really good day. I'm giong later to school. There I've got only 4 lessons and it's great. I have two Englisch lessons and two IT lessons. Then I'm going home and I've got a free time, until I'll go for my basketball training. In the evening Lech Poznań is playing so I've got to watch it.
Dzisiejszy dzień.
2010-10-17 @ 19:02:53
Today I have such a hard day. In the morning I've been cleaning my room and the most of house. Then I've gone to my grandmother. The next thing I did was eating dinner. Then I was playing football football and now I/m back home. Now Ihave to do a klot of homework and I mustlearn for my tomorrow test.
2010-10-06 @ 17:08:14
Yesterday I had a very good day. At school I get two great marks. Then I was playing basketball all afternoon. In the evening I met with my friends from gymnasium. We went to the cinema. Then we went to KF's. There we was talking and laughing all the time. That's why it was a really good day.
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