Love Fridays
2009-05-16 @ 12:57:53
Yester meeting was really successful ;)
I met new people from my future school and I really love them all.
I slept to 12 a.m. It was my last chance to rest before my trip to London.
On the tomorrow's morning we are leaving to England. I'm really,really happy! I'll sit with my boyfriend in the bus, so I guess we'll argue few times ;D 24 hours in the bus.. I'll must stand it somehow ;)
I'll write here when I'll come back to Poland.
I hope we will have not very rainy weather there ;)
Take care!

It's great that you're going to London :) I'd like to visit it someday as well but I'll wait for that some time.
Nice..I have never been to London/Is it long trip??

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